Our perceptions of Jesse Miller’s talk:

  • Inquiry IS an indigenous way of know — kids are able to dive into questions that matter to their own communities
  • black mirror – addictions
  • extreme examples of how tech can get teachers in trouble
    • scare us into protecting ourselves
  • need to think about not only our own preferences, but also those about the ones of the people we post. All of our followers then have access to these photos that we post.
    • kids with consent
    • what the apps we post to do with the content we upload
    • custody issues — if someone is tagged in a specific location, then that could be seen by the wrong people and could find out where those people frequent
  • how important gaming is to children, and how positive influences

Our perceptions of our visit to PSII:

  • inspiring, all kids seemed so motivated, eloquently spoken, mature, and self-motivated
  • all learners come up to uvic to sit in on university level classes
  • doesn’t work for all learners
  • ***the book – ‘Dive Into Inquiry’ – Trevor MacKenzie*** – great resource for teaching inquiry
  • sense of empowerment for the learners in the school