This week’s craft inspiration was from the beautiful changing fall colours we’re all seeing outside, and a little trip to the dollar store.

When I was shopping for craft supplies at Dollarama, I found a wooden wreath that I thought could serve as a great inexpensive craft to do with students. I initially thought the craft would be good for all ages, but once I dove in, I quickly realized it would be best suited for older elementary or middle years students.

I decided to incorporate some outside time into this activity, because who doesn’t love a brisk fall walk on a beautiful sunny day?! I went through a path near my house and scavenged all the ‘supplies’ to decorate my wreath with.

I then just jumped right in and began shoving sticks in the nooks and crannies of the wreath, pinning branches and leaves under the wood to stay in place, using hemp to tie certain branches in place, and using a hot glue gun (another reason this would be best suited for older children) to put leaves, pine cones, and acorns in specific spots.


What I liked most about this project was the outdoor component of it, to get kids outside in the fresh air; and that the finished product is something that the students can display at home, and *hopefully* keep for years to come.

Here is my finished product, all ready to be hung on a door to welcome fall! 🙂